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#BettingPeople: Ex- Jockey now top bloodstock agent Tom Malone has purchased over 3000 winners for clients including Grand National Winner One For Arthur, Gold Cup winner Native River and Royal Ascot winner My Dream Boat. In this three part interview, he talks about his humble beginnings, time as a jockey, point to points and the big money world of bloodstock.

TOM MALONE Part 1 of 3

Tom talks about having nothing to do with horses in his early life, the most important phone call he ever made, to Martin Pipe, his time as a jockey, riding in the Grand National, honing his eye for a good horse whilst still a journeyman jockey and deciding to go into bloodstock full time.

TOM MALONE Part 2 of 3

Tom’s first season as a bloodstock agent got off to a flyer when he sourced 37 winners for clients, riding three of those wins, how knowing the top people in national hunt racing was a bonus, spotting and guying winners from Irish point to points, why Irish point winners fetch so much more money than their UK counterparts, and more.


TOM MALONE Part 3 of 3

Tom talks about racing, from point to points to Royal Ascot and voices some strong opinions, the percentage of horses bought to order with clients money compared to gambling with his own, the stick that the bloodstock industry has come in for and how he feels about it and buying his local pub.





Author: Eugene Morris