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TRADER CHAT: After 5 months of play, the NFL’s crown jewel is among us – Super Bowl LVIII. We caught up with trader Ed Dark in a special Q&A session on the 2024 Vegas showpiece.


Q: From a trading perspective, what are the key aspects of the Super Bowl that make it unique in the betting sphere? 🏈

A: The Super Bowl is the biggest annually watched sports event in the world and with NFL in general showing the biggest percentage increase of viewers on all sports on TV, we are expecting to see a spike in bet numbers and turnover compared to previous years. Especially with the two teams so close in the betting, it looks like an exciting betting medium.

Q: The 49ers are currently the favourite – why do you think that is? 🏈

A: Quite simply they have been the best team throughout the season, and Christian McCaffrey at running back has been incredible this season. He’s already rushed for over 1450 yards – almost 300 yards more than anyone else – and with the signing of Chase Young mid-season, it makes their defence arguably the best in the league.

Q: Do you think Super Bowl experience will play a factor between these two teams? 🏈

A: I think the fact that the Chiefs have won two and have been runner-up once in the last four Super Bowl’s is why this game is almost 50/50 and makes it much more interesting for the neutral fans. You can’t buy the experience that Patrick Mahomes and the team have. This showed when they got past the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship and beating the Buffalo Bills in subzero temperatures.

Q: Are there any specific players to watch out for during Sunday’s game? 🏈

A: Absolutely. For the Chiefs, you have Patrick Mahomes and his elite tight end Travis Kelce, both of whom weren’t at their best during the regular season but have come alive in the playoffs. On the San Francisco side, you have Christian McCaffrey who can run and catch, so expect to see him on every offensive play they make. On the defensive side of the ball both Nick Bosa and Chase Young will try to sack Mahomes early and often.

Q: Are there any specific storylines that will be interesting to follow? 🏈

A: There are rumours that if Kansas win the Super Bowl, then Travis Kelce will propose to Taylor Swift, so there is that to look out for. But on the field, it should be a fantastic game between arguably the best two teams in the league.

Q: How do you think the game will play out? 🏈

A: I think it will be a very tight, but high scoring game with both offenses capable of scoring quickly. For the 49ers to win, McCaffrey needs to have a big game. We are


for McCaffrey to get over 90.5 rushing yards, and have him at


as first touchdown scorer, which are both worth a look at. However, I think with the experience of the Chiefs and how Mahomes and Kelce are playing, I will side with them at



Q: What are some unique markets that Star Sports are offering for the Super Bowl? 🏈

A: We’ve got lots of specials and player markets on site. With the game almost 50/50, a lot of the derivative markets are also 50/50, so there will be something for all customers.

Q: How is the Super Bowl winner in terms of antepost positions? 🏈

A: We’re in a good position as we laid the Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl and to be in the final with the 49ers. So, we go into the game fairly neutral, but I expect that will change one way or another come Sunday.


Thanks Ed Dark for the answers!




Author: Eugene Morris