Sunak to call October election? – Football & Racing News – Star Sports

In a possible bid to halt any hefty donations to opposing parties, Star Sports have seen money for Rishi Sunak to call an October election.

The bookmaker reports plenty of bets on an October election and have now cut that month’s odds from 11/4 to 7/4.

November still leads the way but has been eased in the betting from 4/6 to 5/6 given the recent support for the UK to go to the polls a month earlier.

William Kedjanyi, Political Betting Analyst at Star Sports, said: “Party conference season is an opportunity for political parties to receive substantial funding towards their campaigns, but the latest betting move for October to be the month of the General Election would suggest Sunak is clearly happy with their current situation.

“We’ve had no choice but to slash the odds for an October election following a flurry of bets backing this eventuality into 7/4 from 11/4 as the US polls will be taking centre stage in November.

“The idea of a November election still stands strong at 5/6 from 4/6 but has drifted over concerns of a global meltdown should Donald Trump be elected in November.”

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Author: Eugene Morris