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#BettingPeople: Simon Nott talks to the Vegas sports betting legend Steven ‘Fats’ Diano about his career corralling runners for a mysterious benefactor and working with Billy Walters before going it alone and establishing himself as a legend of sports betting in his own right.

STEVEN ‘FATS’ DIANO (part 1 of 3)

‘Fats’ talks about what he does now, then tells us about his beginnings with a school friend who had a bookie as a dad and a neighbour who liked a punt. He talks about his own early betting then starting working for the ‘Businessman’ after a short-lived attempt to hit the ‘middling’ market on his own in Las Vegas.

STEVEN ‘FATS’ DIANO (part 2 of 3)

Fats talks about the logistics of getting bets on around Vegas in Casinos that had your runners marked, the number of crews around at the time, the businessman’s attitude to those that stole from him, and hooking up with Billy Walters.

STEVEN ‘FATS’ DIANO (part 3 of 3)

Fats explains the circumstances that made him decide to forgo the guaranteed income his enjoyed from a ‘free-roll’ and go it alone, explains his mantra ‘You can’t make a good bet a better bet by making a bad bet’, facing jail being tried for being an illegal bookmaker and having to change edges constantly to keep ahead of the game.





Author: Eugene Morris