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#BettingPeople: Peter Lawrence has been a professional punter since his teens and a one time on-course bookmaker. He found he had an aptitude for finding winners when his father made him record his bets.

Simon Nott finds out more…

PETER LAWRENCE (part 1 of 3)

Peter talks about his early days betting and finding that he had a skill for finding winners. He talks about his edges then and his edges now and their evolution. He explains that the best punters were also bookmakers back in his early days and that’s why he decided to join their ranks and how you’d be laughed out of town if you refused a sizable bet on course.

PETER LAWRENCE (part 2 of 3)

Peter talks about having a favourite for the Melbourne Cup and owning racehorses, he talks about the value of talking to other shrewd punters and the value of some inside information staking plus how many bets he has a day.

PETER LAWRENCE (part 3 of 3)

Peter talks about how bookmakers having to lay punters like him to lose $2000 works well when you have accounts with 30 different bookmakers. He talks about the mental aspect of gambling, staking plans, losing runs advice for punters who want to improve their game and if he leaves his bookmaking mates out when betting.





Author: Eugene Morris