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#BettingPeople: Mike Parcej, described by some as the ‘Phileas Fogg of racing’ is a prolific racegoer and passionate fan of the sport with some strong opinions about the game and the experience of attending the races in the UK and beyond.

MIKE PARCEJ Part 1 of 4

Mike talks about his passion for going racing, where his love of horse racing stemmed from, being diagnosed as Autistic at age 44, the broader understanding of the condition and why he considers 1981-1983 were the two greatest years in racing history.

MIKE PARCEJ Part 2 of 4

Mike has opinions about the jockey championship, student days, why racing doesn’t keep up with cultural change, premierisation, Wolverhampton and why he finds racing is like a never-ending Netflix series.


MIKE PARCEJ Part 3 of 4

Mike talks about the ‘racecourse experience’, the best and worst of them on a racecourse, he talks about the fact that despite his love of the sport he doesn’t bet and explains why.


MIKE PARCEJ Part 4 of 4

Mike talks about racehorse ownership, how racing has helped him through tough times, not getting the same buzz watching racing on TV, his trips to racecourses abroad and how it compares to those in the UK.





Author: Eugene Morris