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#BettingPeople: Luiz Cunha has recently launched ‘Pedigree To Win’ which is an added tool to the punters’ armoury highlighting the most likely winners of races purely on their bloodlines. This service is a culmination of a 45-year labour of love studying the pedigree of horses. Luiz, father of Newmarket trainer Dylan, has advised trainers and owners to highly successful purchases over the years and offers the same service now on one to one basis. Meeting Luiz Cunha with Simon Nott.

LUIZ CUNHA (part 1 of 3)

Luiz talks about Pedigree To Win and how it’s been his life’s work, he explains where his interest in horseracing and breeding stemmed from and how he bred horses on his farm in South Africa, why he was so fascinated in the subject of breeding and where his research took him and why he needed to understand his subject in depth.

LUIZ CUNHA (part 2 of 3)

Luiz talks about the practicalities of using his service, how many races are rated per day, not just UK racing but also Hong Kong, Dubai and Qatar. He explains that the study of breed whilst being an imperfect science can pinpoint winners to punters with no further form study required, pointing the way to the true favourite and helping read between the lines and forecasting trainers running plans based on optimum conditions.

LUIZ CUNHA (part 3 of 3)

In the concluding part, Luiz talks about pedigree being the foundation of the horse but something that many form students ignore. He discusses the stallion being the soul of the stud and perpetuates the breed, good stallions upgrade female lines and bad stallions dilute female lines, sourcing horses for Dylan and others and how the dream of finding a group winner for a budget price is still a reality.





Author: Eugene Morris