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TRADER CHAT Q&A: I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is back on Sunday.  It always proves a popular betting event so we’ve asked some key questions to starsports.bet specials trader JOHN BRACKENRIDGE (JB). What can we look forward to this year, how is the early trading shaping up and which contestants does he feel will stay longest in the jungle?


Q: From a trading perspective, what’s the key aspects of I’m a Celeb that makes it unique in the betting sphere? 🐍

A: It is ultimately a popularity contest and is sometimes difficult to separate who you enjoy watching as a viewer away from what makes a likely winner and trading it accordingly. Being a daily live show lasting over 3 weeks you must be aware of anything that is going to heavily impact the betting, one entertaining Bushtucker trial can elevate a celebrity from betting obscurity to the front of the market or the opposite can happen with an argument in camp or not giving all in a trial. You also have to be mindful of dropouts and how that can unexpectedly affect the book, Olivia Attwood for example was 5/1 3rd favourite when she was unable to take part after Day 2 last year.

Q: Josie Gibson (pictured below) is currently the outright favourite – why do you think that is? 🐍

A: No stranger to reality TV, Josie Gibson


found fame when winning Big Brother in 2010 before going on to forge a career presenting, most notably on ITV’s This Morning. Enthusiastic & vivacious character who appears to tick a lot of the ‘I’m a Celeb’ boxes, she on ITV’s books so will likely get a push from the show and being a single mum away from her son may pull on the viewers heart strings. Most of all she seems down to earth and a nice, bubbly character which is often the winning formula for the show.

Q: How do you think Frankie will fare? 🐍

A: Dettori (pictured below)


is a household name who is also no stranger to reality TV having appeared in Celeb Big Brother in 2013, he failed to make the final lasting 3 weeks in total. Not yet confirmed by the show, alongside Tony Bellew, meaning they will most likely enter the jungle together around day 4 or 5 straight into a live trial. Not since Vicky Pattison in 2015 has one of the latecomers won IAC, sure to be good entertainment but joining his fellow Italian Gino D’Acampo as ‘King of the Jungle’ may be a stretch.

Q: What are your overall thoughts on this group of celebrities compared to past seasons?

A: Personally I see it as one of the stronger line ups in recent editions, based each year by how few contestants I have to look up on Google, and this year it was just one (Nella Rose


). In terms of the betting we’ve had the biggest spread of bets across the entire field that we have ever had pre-show which presents what looks a competitive looking field.

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Q: Who have we seen money for so far? 🐍

A: The most popular contestant and thus the worst result as it stands is Nigel Farage (pictured below). He’s currently


having opened up 20/1. Likely to be thrust into the limelight (& Bushtucker trials) early doors he is already the contestant getting the most media attention. Already dividing opinions in the Star Sports office with one colleague saying “he should be a million-to-one” and another “on the ground Matt Hancock came 3rd he cant be without chance”, I would expect the ‘love him or hate him’ narrative to be replicated by the general public.

Q: Who do you think is the Each-way value this year? 🐍

A: I’ve kept Marvin Humes and Nick Pickard onside to a degree. I expect JLS star turned TV Presenter Humes


to come across well and be a good camp-mate which often goes a long way on IAC, he could well follow in the footsteps of former winners Matt Willis, Dougie Poynter & Kian Egan. Pickard


is a big outsider but soap stars also have great records in recent editions, fellow Hollyoaks’ actor & relatively unknown Owen Warner was runner up last year and Danny Miller / Simon Gregson took the 1-2 in 2021. Pickard comes across well in his VT and whilst there are bigger names in the line-up he may stay under the radar early doors before growing into jungle life.

Q: Are there any celebrities you think will really struggle this season? 🐍

A: It’s difficult to say at this stage but if you look at the history of early eliminations as well as the betting it’s difficult to look past Grace Dent


or Jamie Lynn Spears


for an early exit. If the media is to be believed Farage and the producers have already had talks around whether the rules will be stretched to allow him to smoke off camera, if this isn’t allowed could he be an early walkout? Given his alleged huge fee he is receiving I’m sure the show will be keen to ensure he doesn’t utter those words “I’m a Celebrity get me out of here” and walk early.

Q: How much do you believe Social media followers plays a part in voting? 🐍

A: It’s certainly more of a factor these days than ever before, is there a wealth of “hidden voters” we now have to consider? Take Nella Rose (pictured below) with her near 1 million Instagram followers or Sam Thompson


sat at 1.8m for example, if you compare that with favourite Josie (less than 500k) you could argue that they come in with a voting advantage before the show has event started. That said I think your average IAC viewer tends to vote for who they find entertaining when watching on the show more than preconceived ideas. Social media can be a great gauge during the shows in indicating who is being talked about, positively or negatively, as well as increase in followers on Social Media platforms often giving away clues as to who is liked.

Q: What are some unique markets that Star Sports are offering for I’m A Celeb? 🐍

A: Markets away from King/Queen of the Jungle include Top Male/Female, Gender of Winner, Top 2/3 Finish, Dual forecast (top 2 any order). We will also be betting on 1st Public Trial, 1st Elimination as well as some other specials as the series progresses.

I’m a Celeb starts this Sunday at 9pm on ITV1.

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Author: Eugene Morris