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Former Labour MP turned anti-Labour campaigner moves to 1/3 from 4/6

George Galloway has stepped into overwhelming favouritism for the Rochdale seat ahead of the by-election this week as a result of competing parties ditching their candidates, according to Star Sports.

As of today, the former Labour MP has seen his price shift to 1/3 from 4/6 last week on behalf of the Workers Party of Britain, with Labour drifting to 2/1 from 5/4.

Trailing the two are Reform UK (33/1), the Liberal Democrats (40/1), and the Conservative Party (100/1).

William Kedjanyi, Political Betting Analyst at Star Sports, said: “George Galloway’s competitors for the Rochdale seat seem to be vanishing before our eyes which has seen him fly even further into favouritism for the upcoming by-election.

“Given that Labour and the Green Party have pulled support for their Rochdale candidates, Galloway’s Workers Party sit at 1/3 to succeed in the Rochdale by-election, from 4/6 just last week. In contrast, Labour have drifted out to 2/1 from 5/4.

“This looks to be a two-horse race at best between George Galloway and Labour, with Reform UK behind at 33/1, followed by the Liberal Democrats (40/1) and the Conservatives (100/1).”

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1/3 Workers Party
2/1 Labour
33/1 Reform UK
40/1 Liberal Democrats
100/1 Conservatives
250/1 BAR





Author: Eugene Morris