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#BettingPeople: Dave is a freelance racing and betting journalist that writes for GeeGeez.com and The Sporting Life, writes paddock notes for ‘Blue Delta’ works as a frontman for racecourse bookmakers and gets a few quid punting too. Here’s his story. Meeting Dave Massey with Simon Nott.

DAVE MASSEY Part 1 of 4

Dave talks about his various freelance jobs, his colour pieces for GeeGeez, working alongside Rory Delargy writing day of the race tipping articles for The Sporting Life website and discusses how his tipping differs from his own personal betting.

DAVE MASSEY Part 2 of 4

Dave talks about his paddock watching, where he learned his craft and what he’s looking for, he talks about his love of maths at school when he went from a losing punter to a winning one and deciphering a race.


DAVE MASSEY Part 3 of 4

Dave talks about the tools he uses to find his winners, where it all started included a supermarket job that was handy for the bookmakers and working in HMV where he still managed to get a tune out of his betting.


DAVE MASSEY Part 4 of 4

Dave talks about having a full time role in racing thrust upon him, his association with Andy Weller the reason he’d not want to set up as an on-course bookmaker himself and if push came to shove if he thinks he could make the cut as a professional punter full time.





Author: Eugene Morris