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Well, they say that all good things come to an end and my Dancing With The Stars journey finally ended last night when I was knocked out writes DAVY RUSSELL.

Of course, it’s sad when it comes to an end, but I actually surprised myself how far I got.

The truth is I thought I was in trouble last week as my dancing wasn’t great, but somehow I managed to stay in.

I actually didn’t dance too bad last night – I might have actually fooled a few tuning in for the first time that I could dance a bit.

We danced to Never Tear Us Apart by INXS and it wasn’t terrible I swear.

That said, it wasn’t enough to keep me in though and that’s probably the fairest thing as the rest left in are fiercely good. I mean that they can properly dance.

As for Kylee, my dance partner, she has done a remarkable job. There will be plenty of chat this week about extraordinary training performances, but not many will better what she managed to do with me.

She’s a great craic and her patience and belief in me has been extraordinary.

The support I have had from everyone has been remarkable and I’m so very grateful.

I’ve jumped on an airplane first thing this morning to head to Cheltenham so haven’t had a chance for a debrief with Edelle and the kids.

They will have a view for sure and the kids will be more gutted than anyone – they were convinced I was coming home with the silver ball!

Off to Cheltenham

At the time of writing, I have just arrived at the track here in Cheltenham.

There’s been a fair bit of rain around and the ground will ride soft for sure tomorrow – I believe there is more rain due in the morning.

I will be catching up with Gordon and the lads later so will fill you in on any news.

I’m doing a preview in aid of Graham Lee later – that’s such an important cause and keeps us all grounded.

Anyway, I’ll be on the track tomorrow and will hopefully catch up with a few of you.


I’ve also entered the Star Sports Knockout tipping competition and have drawn James Knight in the first round. I’m sure James was happy to see that news 😉

That will be it for me as I head home tomorrow night as I’ve a fair few more bits to do with Dancing With The Stars ahead of the finale on Sunday night.

Good luck at Cheltenham everyone ahead of a magical four days.

My first day thoughts below ….

There’s also still time to download Star’s Cheltenham Festival Guide which I’ve worked on with Harry Skelton. Get your PDF version by clicking the link below ….

Good Luck

Main picture: (c) RTE Davy’s Dancing With The Star partner Kylee Vincent





Author: Eugene Morris