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#BettingPeople: Barry Beasley started in the betting business in 1975 working for Joe Coral, then the Tote, has been a commission agent, worked with City Index and been a private card marker and odds compiler since 1989 as well as still freelancing for the Racing Post. This is his story including why he’s been daubed ‘The Weatherman’. Meeting Barry Beasley with Simon Nott.

BARRY BEASLEY (part 1 of 4)

Barry talks about his beginnings in the game and how offering to price a race up for his boss kick started his career from tea boy, he explains how to price a race and talks about running ante-post books and how 1985 was a year to forget. Just don’t mention Oh So Sharp.

BARRY BEASLEY (part 2 of 4)

Barry talks about leaving the Tote, working for a couple of commission agents and how it worked in the golden age, when it was easy to get on, via betting shops, accounts etc then working for City Index. He talks about working with Harry Findlay, Mike Cowtan and Jonathan Sparke, and how he works for a rails bookmaker now.

BARRY BEASLEY (part 3 of 4)

Barry talks about playing the ante-post markets, the lively characters betting on course, why he didn’t have any qualms about acting on information received, well-informed people helping each other out. Why he didn’t upscale his betting despite winning every year and why going racing was more of a social event than a vehicle for punting and buying suits in the gents at Newbury.

BARRY BEASLEY (part 4 of 4)

Barry talks about working for the Racing Post, why the weather and more importantly the going is THE most important factor in backing horses, how he tackles a race from start to finish and being confident in what you are doing and his love for big heritage handicaps and more.





Author: Eugene Morris