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#BettingPeople: ‘Juppy’ as he is affectionally known has been in the betting game all his life. He started working on course back in the 1990s at picnic races where they’d turn over large amounts of money in lively markets. After moving to London he worked with spread betting firm Sporting Index before relocating to Brighton and working for PanBet.

Now back in Melbourne, he’s a freelancer on course working for bookmakers as well as punting. Juppy was active at this year’s ‘Call Of The Card’ and has even recorded a series of food vlogs, no connection. Meeting Juppy with Simon Nott.

ANTHONY ‘JUPPY’ JUPP (part 1 of 3)

Juppy explains how a trip to Goodwood races resulted in his sticking on, or ‘bowling’ for professional punter Dean Valentine, how he came to start working for racecourse bookmakers in Australia at ‘Picnic Races’. He talks about moving to London and working with Sporting Index in the early days of spread betting where familiar names pop up.

ANTHONY ‘JUPPY’ JUPP (part 2 of 3)

Juppy explains how one of the biggest punters in the country used to win more than just money from Sporting Index. He continues with his career move to Brighton working for PanBet when Russian money kept him on his toes. He talks about returning to Australia and working for Sportsbet trading some very lively markets.

ANTHONY ‘JUPPY’ JUPP (part 3 of 3)

Juppy talks about escaping from the office to work on course again, he explains how things work for on-course bookmakers in Australia, hedging into the machine, the minimum bet rules and how they affect things, lessons that the UK can learn from what’s happened to on course bookmakers in Australia, this year’s ‘Call Of The Card’ and his vlogs on Aussie pub food.





Author: Eugene Morris